Online Order & Suit Crafting
Order your tailored made suit or shirt online by selecting your preferred design.
After the choosing the design, you can further polish your style by selecting amongst the various customization options.
Appointment & Measurement
For your first order, we will need to meet you in order to understand your personality, your taste and your aspiration in terms personal branding.
We will take you through the selection process and show you the actual buttons, suiting cloth and lining textures so that you can appreciate the high quality of the products you are designing. Our Personal Stylish will then do your measurement to ensure that the suit or shirt cut complement your body type.
This step is optional for the second and subsequent orders as your measurement will be saved in our system.
Fitting & Testing
Once your suit or shirt is ready (within 3 to 4 weeks), our Personal Stylist will arrange an initial fitting with you to identify any potential adjustments that might be required.
After the final fitting, you will be able to proudly start wearing your perfectly fitted Quintessence Tailor suit.