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Design & Measurement
For your first order, we will need to meet you in order to understand your personality, your taste and your aspiration in terms personal branding.
From there, we will assist you in selecting the ideal fabrics and materials. You can further polish your style by selecting amongst the various customization options (e.g. lining color & texture, types of buttons, lapel and pockets).
After designing your pieces, our trained personal will expertly take your measurements, in a plush executive lounge or at your preferred venue, to ensure that the suit or shirt cut complement your body type. This step is optional for the second and subsequent orders as your measurement will be saved in our system.
Fitting & Alteration
In about one month, your suit or shirt will be ready. Our Personal Stylist will arrange an initial fitting with you to identify any potential adjustments that might be required.
We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means that we can only hand over the tailor made product to you once you are fully satisfied.
After the final fitting, you will be able to proudly start wearing your perfectly fitted Quintessence Tailor suit with optimal comfort and attractive confidence.