Who We are?

We are an African Luxury fashion brand based in Nairobi, Kenya. We deal with tailor made suits, shirts and shoes. We have partnered with the best European suit cloth houses such as Dormeuil (France) and Holland & Sherry (Savile Row in London). All our products are characterized by a distinctive level of craftsmanship with meticulously hand-crafted details.

We offer a unique tailoring experience in our exclusive showroom located in Kilimani where we welcome our clients in a non-pressure environment.

Our promise is to deliver products that fit you like a second skin for optimal comfort and attractive confidence.

Unparalleled Service

Because we want you to

look & feel like a winner.

Our Partners


For more than 170 years, the French House of Dormeuil has been producing the most exquisite cloths made in the finest tradition with creativity and innovation. It pioneers innovative fabrics using the rarest fibres from the worlds’ best sources: New Zealand wool, Silk from India and China, Cashmere from Mongolia & Vicuna from Andes. From Emperors and Kings to modern days Leaders, Dormeuil continues to provide magnificent fabrics to dress the world’s elite with timeless elegance. The brand combines the British heritage with the French elegance and savoir-faire. Dormeuil provides fabrics to high-end international brands like Quintessence Tailor, Yves SaintLaurent, Gucci and Prada, just to mention a few.


Since 1836, the House of Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious and luxury brands with some of the finest cloths worldwide. The House of Holland & Sherry supplies renowned international brands with impeccable fabrics while imparting their knowledge along the way. Holland & Sherry are located on Savile Row in London which is known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men. A tailor made garment in luxury Holland & Sherry cloth is truly an investment and always a pleasure to wear.